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Melissa is a professional speaker who has presented to over 7,000 Australians. Melissa is passionate about delivering highly engaging and interactive keynote presentations and workshops to young people, business leaders and parents. 


1) Porn in a Young Man’s World 


Did you know that 88% of pornographic scenes feature physical violence and aggression? Yet young males aged 12-17 years are the fastest growing group of pornography users, leading to a culture where violence in intimate relationships may be normalized. Melissa presents an insightful presentation on the key effects of a pornified culture on young males, it’s effects on a young males body and personal relationships with practical tips to reduce porn use for a healthier lifestyle. This presentation is suited to both young males themselves, parents, educators and service providers.  


2) Stopping Boys in their Down-Hill Spiral 


When a boy is on a down-hill spiral, it’s easy to feel helpless and unaware of how to help. Engaging young males who are at-risk and disadvantaged within the community is no easy task. Melissa draws on her 10 years of experience working with young men and presents on the key elements to address in young men’s health and well-being as well as proven effective methods to involve them in civic engagement activities, employment readiness programs and school settings. This presentation is best suited for service providers, educators and parents.   


3) The Journey of a young female CEO 


Does a young female feel the glass ceiling effect in today’s modern world? Beginning an organisation for young men at age 19, Melissa knew nothing about business. She was, however, an expert in being passionate, driven and never taking no for an answer (that’s all you need to get through right?). Little did she know that her ethnic background, her gender, her high school and even the region she came from would affect how leaders in the business and media industry saw her. Being a young woman in business, Melissa shares her journey and highlights the critical elements that each business and organisation can do immediately to begin building the next generation of young women in business. This presentation is best suited for corporate events and all female audiences.   


4) Becoming Leaders of Today, Not Tomorrow 


Designed to boost the passion and determination of emerging leaders aged 18-30 years, this presentation is Melissa’s uncensored and truthful insight into the journey of the life of a young CEO. From the lows to the highs, Melissa shares the battles and obstacles she overcame to build the Top Blokes Foundation. From not being taken seriously, to the ongoing need to demystify Gen Y stereotypes and manage other people’s expectations (and so much more), Melissa will motivate the up and coming leaders to never let themselves get distracted from their mission on this Earth and to become leaders today, not tomorrow. This presentation is best suited for students at universities, high schools and youth leadership conferences.  


5) Life is like a cheeseburger 


A topic close to Melissa’s heart, this highly interactive presentation is Melissa’s signature high school keynote. Using the ingredients of a cheeseburger to describe situations that young people will face in their teenage lives, Melissa challenges the audience of 12-16 year olds to build self-awareness, aspirations for the future and take their first steps to setting and achieving their goals. This presentation is specially crafted to keep the attention and engagement of the audience for a minimum of 45 minutes. Please note, non-lovers of cheeseburgers may find this presentation disturbing. 




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