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Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs Exposed


Would you like to go inside the minds of some of the country’s most successful entrepreneurs? If so, this book is for you! Join author Dale Beaumont as he asks all the big questions and gets you the answers you need to achieve personal, financial and business success.

In this new release book, Melissa shares her journey of turning her passion into a business with purpose and how to overcome hardship to achieve social impact.

100% of sales ordered via this website will be donated to the Top Blokes Foundation, enabling more boys to access social education and mentoring programs. 

Compiled by the highly accomplished Dr. Ramesh Manocha, Top Blokes Foundation was proud to contribute two chapters, Young Men's Mental Health and Dealing with Anger and other Challenging Emotions to this volume in the Generation Next series, which focuses on youth mental health and the ways in which it can be managed.

A comprehensive and easily accessible guide for parents, teachers, counselors and health care professionals, this book contains important advice about managing online behavior, computer game addiction and cyberbullying, as well as essential information on learning disorders, social skills, and emotional health.

Purchase now by clicking on your preferred bookstore below: 

Nurturing Young Minds: Mental Wellbeing in the Digital Age

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