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About the Top Blokes Foundation

The Top Blokes Foundation is an Australian-based non-government organisation that improves young men’s health outcomes by providing peer-led social education programs to young men and boys. Founded in 2006 by Melissa Abu-Gazaleh, the Top Blokes Foundation has worked with over 10,000 Australian young men to improve their overall well-being. 


The Top Blokes Foundation's mission is to foster the inclusion, build the resilience and ensure the well-being of Australian young males. 


The Top Blokes Foundation builds the skills and self-efficacy of participants through it focuses on strength-based, harm minimisation and innovative delivery methods to cut-through to young men. Engaging boys at critical points within their risk-taking prime stage provides windows of opportunities to alter any dangerous or regrettable decisions they may make. Their social education programs foster an affirmative platform for young males to employ positive decision-making skills, become positive role models to their peers and adopt healthier lifestyle choices while developing personal qualities of integrity, character, and respect for others.


Junior Top Blokes Mentoring Program

A 16-week boys mentoring program delivered by youth workers in schools for boys aged 14–17. This program was developed in 2013 to address the growing trend of negative risk taking and antisocial behaviours often associated with young men. Topics this program addresses include alcohol and other drugs, mental health, sexting, anger management and healthy relationships. 

Building Blokes

This 8-week mentoring program is aimed at young males who experience unemployment and other social barriers to achieving health. The program allows men who participate to volunteer off their unpaid fines with the NSW Office of State Revenue.


Public Education

This program provides education to the community on issues impacting young male health. By utilising current research, Top Blokes Foundation experiences, program evaluations and case studies, the audiences are educated and empowered to support young men within their local communities.


To read more about the Top Blokes Foundation or to make a tax-deductible contribution please click here 

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