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Meet Melissa Abu-Gazaleh

Named in Australia’s Top 100 Brightest Young Minds and Australia’s 50 Young & Extraordinary, Melissa is recognised as one of the leading young change-makers in Australia today.

Melissa is recognised as a youth development expert who brings attention to the barriers affecting young men’s health and wellbeing. Since establishing the Foundation, she has become a sought-after speaker and has presented at various conferences, seminars and events. Her objective is to educate, inspire and build a culture where members of the audience understand the urgent need to invest in the development of young men.

At age 19, Melissa founded and became CEO of the Top Blokes Foundation, an organisation that empowers young men and teenage boys to reduce their anti-social and risk-taking behaviours.

The Top Blokes Foundation reaches over 1,000 disadvantaged and at-risk young men each year, empowering them to create their own positive definitions of masculinity and self-worth. To read more about the Top Blokes Foundation, please visit their website here.

Melissa is a seasoned speaker, educating a range of audiences about the challenges facing young men in today’s adaptive and fast paced society and inspiring a generation of young people to live a purposeful life.

To educate, inform and inspire your audience, contact Melissa today to discuss your event needs.

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